• Workforce and Higher Access to Markets Activity

    A new activity to stimulate job creation by advancing Bosnia's trade integration with and expansion into European Union and regional markets.

  • Grant Opportunities

    This program is open to eligible individual organizations, or a number of organizations working together. Grants will prioritize high-growth, exporting, or export-ready enterprises aiming to expand capacity, reach more markets, and generate greater employment.


    USAID’s Workforce and Higher Access to Markets Activity (WHAM) invites eligible organizations/enterprises to submit concept notes for the following grant opportunity.

  • About Us

    Workforce and Access to Higher Markets (WHAM) is a USAID-funded activity designed to create jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina through trade integration with the European Union (EU) and regional markets. WHAM offers grants to high-growth, exporting, and export-ready small and medium enterprises from the wood, metal, and textile sectors.

    Types of Grants

    Improve the Workforce

    In partnership with the public and private sectors, these grants will share the cost of recruiting or retraining a skilled labor force. This could include assisting relevant secondary schools in equipping school cabinets with adequate equipment.


    Increase Market Access

    These grants help companies identify and access new customers and markets. This may include supporting private and public-sector initiatives to help companies attend major regional and international trade fairs.


    Improve Product Quality and Use of New Technology

    These grants support companies to introduce quality management systems, technology upgrades, and achieve certifications required by target markets.


    By the end of 2020, WHAM aims to increase exports at these businesses by 30 percent and create more than 1,500 full-time equivalent positions, many for young people and women.

  • Volunteer

    Volunteer to work with USAID WHAM

    Business Facilitator Assistant

    Assist in preparation of concept notes, grant manuals and data entry indicators.


    • Assist in organizing, designing, and gathering surveys via SurveyMonkey and interviews of individuals and beneficiaries (phone and face-to-face);
    • Assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) applicants in preparation of concept notes and grant applications;
    • Assist with data entry and maintenance of WHAM database system, including uploading and extracting Excel forms and gathered data collections;
    • Site visits with WHAM managers for gathering information from beneficiaries and grantees (SMEs and Intermediaries).

    Public Relations Assistant

    Assist in preparation of promotional materials


    • Prepare short news articles and briefs about WHAM Activity initiatives;
    • Interview and photograph beneficiaries we work with;
    • Update LinkedIn and Facebook accounts;
    • Track news about the project from other media outlets.
  • Contact Us

    Sarajevo Office

    Danijela Ozme 1

    Sarajevo, 71000

    Bosnia and Herzegovina


    Monday - Friday

    9:00 - 17:00


    +387 33 866 890



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